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The vanilla bean, (actually a pod), is the fruit of an orchid. Of the thousands of varieties of the orchid, the vanilla plant is the only one with an edible fruit. The vanilla orchid is a rather small, trumpet-shaped greenish-white flower. In the center of the flower is a tube-like stamen that is pale yellow. Because of its shape, the vanilla orchid needs to be pollinated in order to produce a pod. Originally this was done by a tiny bee, the melipone, found only in Mexico. Vines were grown in other parts of the world, but without the assistance of bees, no pods developed. In 1841 a former slave, Edmond Albious, of the Bourbon Islands, devised a practical and speedy method of fertilizing the flower by hand. Today vanilla is the most popular flavor in the world and vanilla beans are produced in the Bourbon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Mexico and Indonesia. Vanilla grows well in areas 10 to 20 degrees north or south of the equator. It requires a hot, moist, tropical climate with year round temperatures of 75 to 85 degrees. The vine grows best on terrain that is sloping which allows adequate but not excessive moisture. Vanilla grows from sea level to 2000 feet. Above this altitude the flowers rarely bloom. Each vanilla flower opens for only a part of one day and if not pollinated on that day, no pod will be produced. Six to nine months after pollination, the yellow-green pods begin to turn more yellow at their tip indicating they are ready for harvest. After the pods are harvested the curing process is started which develops the flavor of the vanilla bean. The vanilla beans are immersed in hot water for a short period of time and then spread in the sun to absorb the heat. Late in the afternoon they are gathered and wrapped in blankets and straw, placed in wooden boxes and allowed to sweat over night. This process is repeated over a period of three to six months. Nature provides no more perfectly packaged food than nuts in their inedible shell (also called the flesh). Many nuts are primitive plants which have been on earth since the time of the dinosaurs and are grown all over the world. Throughout history the nut has been an important staple food as it provides protein, carbohydrates and fat. Some nuts (such as acorns) are made into meal, some (such as beech nuts) are made into oil for cooking and salad dressing, and still others are consumed as ''''milk'''' (such as almonds and coconuts). The nut kernel or ''''meat'''' is eaten by both man and foraging animals. Today nuts are consumed as snacks, used in cooking, are candied, and are used in many confectionery items. Nuts are rich in flavor with a lingering aftertaste. At Stash Tea we blend premium naturally decaffeinated black teas, sarsaparilla and the best, all natural vanilla nut flavor. The result is a smooth, rich black tea with the wonderful aroma and taste of high quality vanilla and creamy nuts. This tea is good anytime of the day but is especially good as dessert, with a touc

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