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Ti Kuan Yin is considered part of the Oolong tea family as a semi-fermented tea. Ti Kuan Yin is known as a special variety of Camellia Sinesis (tea plant). Named for the Buddhist Goddess Kuan Yin (Guan Yin), Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea is perhaps Fujian Province's most famous oolong tea. Medium body, pleasant aftertaste. Steep twice or more. Due to sometimes a dark appearance of the dry leaves and an ancient story, Ti Kuan Yin is named after the Iron Goddess of Mercy. This is loose green tea, not bagged. One pound is the equivalent of approximately 200 tea bags. The phrase 'Black Tea' is also used as a generic name for all Camelia sinensis teas. The major Black Tea types, from the traditional black tea evergeen (Camellia sinensis), classified according to processing method, include: fermented, or black, tea, producing an amber-coloured, full-flavoured beverage without bitterness; semi-fermented, or oolong, producing a slightly bitter, light brownish-green liquid; and unfermented, or green, tea, resulting in a mild, slightly bitter, pale greenish-yellow beverage. Tea contains only four calories per cup when consumed without added ingredients but is a source of several B-complex vitamins, including B2 and nicotinic acid. Caffeine is responsible for tea's stimulating effect. Flavor is produced by volatile oils, and astringency and color by tannin.

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